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We're aware. Instantaneously, naturally that a gorgeous woman is on his shoulders but that's what happens when he dances. It's the presence of now perhaps, we still wonder like we all do... he draws inward and remembers he is simply loving now. This is a great time. This moment draws such a strong energy the person finds Him. Of course the most glorious gal within a mile radius finds Him and asks him if she can go on his shoulders. It's his favorite song. It only made sense. He has danced to this song in the shower, in the car, on his motorcycle, in the street alone... he obliges. She is having more fun than her friends. In this moment they are living off her joy, learning, wanting... to experience it. And they feel it through their friend. She is swaying in perfect harmony to the best song Hozier has ever made. And he keeps her swaying. She grabs him when she needs too. She puts her hands in the air when she wants too... She flows. He flows. 


That's all a moment ever is. Could we meet up one night and have passion ignite - most definitely. More than most. But the wisest people know the moments are to be taken with the tide.. Most of the moments of life are not going to flow to the tide. So you flow. You feel and experience. You feel magic only if you know what magic is. When you do - you see the fireworks. You may think everyone sees fireworks but I'll tell you this... He felt them and she felt them more than anyone else. There are people who are having more fun than you. You've been them - You haven't been them. They aren't better than you. The best are even less "messed up" than you. They are simply aware of their moment and they find each other. But most importantly they don't even need each other. They are already complete. Now they soar.

Jennifer Monson