HALF DAY RATE: starting at $2,000
FULL DAY RATE:  starting at $5,000
MULTI-DAY RATE: starting at $10,000    


HALF DAY RATE: starting at $2,000
FULL DAY RATE:  starting at $5,000
MULTI-DAY RATE: starting at $10,000

Strategy & Marketing

SOCIAL + MORE: starting at $1,000
DIGITAL PRESENCE: starting at $1000



on our search for the holy grail we will have trials and obstacles to overcome. Here lies your solutions.

Bridge Keeper (content creation - a la carte)


Unlocking all the worlds creativity through storytelling

One time investment to be implemented into your selected package.
All photography and video productions include content licensed for your lifetime use.

Video shoot, edit & production *30 seconds to 1 minute cut - 2000
Video shoot, edit & production *1 to 2 minutes cut - 3000
Video shoot, edit & production *2 to 4 minutes - 5000

*Investment does not include variable items (which you control the budget of) such as talent, wardrobe, props, location fees, etc. These each vary based on the concept, and therefore cannot be estimated ahead of time. We’ve done shoots with as little as 500 dollars in costs for a single-model shoot and up to 40,000 dollars.  We will work with you to control your costs and get the most value out of each shoot.


Audit and Strategy Implementation Plan - 1000 + start up investment
We’ll assess the cohesiveness of your digital presence (bio, aesthetic, captions, hashtags, etc.) and evaluate your current posting schedule and strategy. Includes reviewing your analytics and making sure you are tracking the right information. We’ll create an action plan for attainable short-term goals which will lead to your long-term goals.

Basic Website Design and Implementation - 2500 + start up investment + add ons
There is so much out there, so where do we start? We start with you! How do you envision your brand? What do you want people to say, think, and feel when they find you online? Once we know your vision and goals, we make it happen. We start with understanding your creative ideas and move through the need-to-haves, must-haves, and could-haves. From there, it's all about working as a partnership to fine tune your site and digital presence.
Add on: Additional pages - 150/page
Add on: Site Improvements/Management - 75/hr
Add on: Training - 1000

Social Media Management - 1000/monthly
Our social media experts dive into your business, and we develop a strategy that fits your goals. We then create content, post, engage and interact with your fans and keep your brand visible on social media. We will engage with your ideal client, manage mentions of your brand, reviews, comments and more. We will also comment and interact with your ideal client and competitor accounts to increase your brand’s visibility.
Add on: Social Advertising 50/hr

Social Media Mentoring - 500/monthly
We provide you the knowledge and mentoring to learn the landscape of the social platforms that are most relevant to your business. We will guide you in pivotal skills that will enable new kinds of communication among your audience and users. This mentorship will be flexible enough to be applicable for many different kinds of content.

Affiliate/Influencer Program Setup - 500/monthly
We’ll get you linked up with the best affiliate program that makes sense for your blog. We locate and train the talent to help promote you. We’ll also review tips and tricks for getting more clicks.

Custom Analytics Report - 250/monthly
The only way to do this report is based on several different analytics tools specific to your blog and social media channels. It will help keep track of growth and allow you to understand your audience.

Event Creation and Management - 3500 + event investment
Event is planned by the Holy Grail Creative and everything is organized by us. We orchestrate music, food, drinks and bring all the influencers and people in your community that we can! These are great events for mass exposure to new clientele and creating the excitement and hype for new product/service launches. *Investment does not include expenses or incentives for influencers attendance. You get to select the budget and we create the best experience imaginable from there.